Widow Receives Teddy Bear From Her Children Only to Hear a Surprise From Her Late Husband [VIDEO]

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With all the negativity on the internet these days, it’s a nice change to see a video posted that captured a magical moment between a wife and her late husband. After her husband passed, the children took their mom to her favorite restaurant to celebrate her birthday. Her present? A teddy bear. But not just any bear.

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Redditor GuacamoleFanatic shared on the site and explained that she was one of the children recording the surprise. She explained that her father had died from cancer three months after his diagnosis.

Her mom, who was married to their father for 32 years, took it the hardest due to the bond they had built through the years. In December, a few months after her husband passed, the children convinced her to come out and celebrate her birthday.

In the video, the mother is seen pulling a teddy bear wearing a cowboy hat from a Build-A-Bear box. Antsy with anticipation, the children huddled around their mother as she pulled the bear out of the box.

She smiled and probably didn’t think too much of the unusual gift until one of her kids instructed her to squeeze the bear’s hand. Once she did as instructed, waves of emotion flood over her, and she drops her head and begins to cry.

It was her late husband’s voice, a voice she had not heard since his death. According to the Redditor, “After 32 years of marriage cancer took my dad away from her, so we got her a bear with his laugh on it for her birthday,” she wrote.

Unfortunately, the video ends at that point, but it’s easy to imagine that this was one of the best birthday gifts she could have ever received.

Check out the full video below of the moment she realizes it’s her late husband’s laugh coming from the bear.