Why You Should Never Wear Ripped Jeans in the Sunshine

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For the majority of the country, sunny days are starting to become the norm. Temperatures are rising, and more people head outdoors to enjoy some time in the sunlight, particularly since Memorial Day weekend is on the horizon. However, people who tend to wear ripped jeans need to take some extra precautions.

Most people understand that putting on sunscreen before spending a day outside is a wise move. However, many only apply these sprays or lotions to areas that are obviously going to be exposed to UV rays.

When you wear ripped jeans, portions of your legs are likely going to see some sunshine. But, since they are pants, many people overlook the need to apply sunscreen to the exposed areas.

Social media is filled with images from individuals who didn’t consider that the rips in their jeans could result in some distinct, and oddly patterned, sunburns.

One Twitter user added a phone with a simple caption: “never wearing ripped jeans in the sun again.”

Another expressed a similar sentiment, saying, “Don’t wear ripped jeans in the sun guys.”

“PSA: ripped jeans are all fun and games until the sun comes out,” said a different Twitter user.

“*do not* go sit in the sun for 2 + hours wearing ripped jeans…..i learned my lesson today,” chimed in another ripped jeans wearer.

A user going by the name Elise Downing wrote: “Tip for life: don’t wear ripped jeans to the beach on a hot day. (And put sun cream on your knees if you do).”

Another warned that “this will happen to u.”

While wearing ripped jeans isn’t inherently the problem, neglecting to coat the exposed skin with sunscreen can easily result in a serious sunburn, particularly if it isn’t typically exposed to sunlight.

h/t Lad Bible