When His Daughter Got Embarrassed About an Accident at School, This Dad Took Parenting to the Next Level

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A Utah dad has taken over the internet after he channeled his inner “Billy Madison” in the effort to make his daughter feel less embarrassed after she had an accident at school last week.


Ben Sowards was at work Friday when he received a call from his 6-year-old daughter’s school that informed him she wet her pants and was crying and embarrassed. Every father has more than likely been in this situation and you feel for your child in that instance.


So Ben tells the school he will be there shortly. Before he arrives, he decides to splash water on his pants in the effort of getting Valerie’s mind off of the incident.


As he walked through the front office doors of the school, he found his daughter sitting with staff, and he asked if he could use her backpack to cover his pants as he wet himself too.

The plan worked, and Valerie’s mood immediately improved and she was suddenly the giggling little girl she usually is.


Valarie is a sibling to 11 adopted brothers and sisters. One of her older sisters, Lucinda, was able to capture the moment by snapping a few pictures. Once the story hit social media, parents reacted.

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Parents loved the compassion and the lengths that Ben went through to make his daughter feel at ease. On Twitter, the post had been retweeted over 62,000 times and is sitting at 253,000 likes.


People were amazed at this loving dad’s gesture. To his kids, that’s just their normal dad. According to BuzzFeed, when Lucinda was ice skating once, she fell and received a black eye. In an effort to cheer her up, Ben painted his eye black and Facetimed her.


Ben isn’t done helping kids either, Fox10 states that he is adopting four more kids on Monday as he is passionate about caring for kids and getting them out of foster care.