What Happens When Call of Duty Players Throw on Real Gear With Special Forces? [VIDEO]

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It’s an age old question… what happens when young, Call of Duty players who work in an office for a living have to strap on the gear for real? By ‘age old’ we mean about 10 years old, but still.

Thanks to Buzzfeed, we have a little insight into the answer. [Scroll Down For Video]

They brought up four gamers and got them talking about Call of Duty (if you’re not a Call of Duty player just substitute in any favorite first person shooter game you’ve seen).


Then they brought in former Marine and Army Special Forces operator Chase Millsap to bring on the gear.

The gamers were already complaining about the 25 pounds of the plate carrier, but Millsap wasn’t done. He loaded up the rig with magazines and other kit, and set up an obstacle course for the gamers.


They did about as well as you expect. A group of people with no military experience and who are used to primarily working behind a desk just weren’t up to the rigors of combat training.

Participants had to do several military style challenges, including carrying a simulated ammo can through an obstacle course. Doing various “wall climbs” and low crawls, and ultimately the buddy drag, which simulates dragging a wounded comrade out of harm’s way.


The gamers were left breathless and exhausted at the end of the challenges.

It does seem that at a minimum, many of the millenial digital media workers from Buzzfeed earned a newfound respect for members of the military.


After completing several of the challenges, one of the participants said, “That people do that, for their jobs, for us, it’s crazy.”

Another said, “All of the military [members] out there – hardcore.”

The video has amassed over two million views on Youtube and even more on other platforms since being published. Here is the full video: