Wellness Fanatic Claims You Can Absorb Creativity by Sunning Your Rear End

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People are always looking for the next best thing when it comes to wellness and living a healthier lifestyle. Typically, this consists of eating well and working out a couple of days a week, but one Instagrammer created a post that has gone viral. According to her, butt-chugging sunlight is now a health trend. Yup…this is real life.

Instagrammer Metaphysicalmeagan is a self-proclaimed healer and teacher who made the outlandish claim that sunning your rear end for 30 minutes will give you days worth of sunlight, which in turn, supplies the body with vitamin E.

The influencer posted a picture of herself spread eagle with her rear end turned upwards towards the sun. According to her, this art form is referred to as “perineum sunning.”

“For the past few weeks I have included sunning my bum & yoni into my daily rising routine,” she wrote in her post that was accompanied by her sunning photo. Throughout the post, Meagan made various claims explaining how this act would increase wellness.

“30 seconds of sunlight on your butthole is the equivalent of a full day of sunlight with your clothes on!” Again, there is no scientific evidence to support this woman’s claim.

To conclude her post, Meagan listed the pluses she has seen in her life since she started this trend.

“Surges of energy almost immediately! Better Sleep. Better connection to my Sexual energy & control of my Life Force. So much Creativity flowing through my life!! Attracting my desires & intentions with ease.”

It didn’t take long for the internet to have some fun with this outlandish premise. One of the best posts comes from one Twitter user applying common sense as to why Meagan may be feeling better, which doesn’t come from putting her buttocks in the air.

“Me: maybe you feel good because you’re stretching out your back and legs and are privileged enough to get fresh air first thing. You: no its definitely all the sun I put in my butthole.”

Whatever happened to Starbucks providing perennial wellness for the soul?