Watching an $800 Lego Star Destroyer be Annihilated in Slo-Mo is Devastating [VIDEO]

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May the 4th has been an unofficial celebration of all things Star Wars for almost 40 years. It began May 4, 1979, when Margaret Thatcher took office as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. The Conservatives bought ad space in The London Evening News, and wrote “May the Fourth Be with You, Maggie. Congratulations.”

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Was Maggie a Star Wars fan? That’s a question for a different article. The Star Wars based pun stuck and has been the guiding ethos for annual coordination of merchandising efforts ever since.

While today is a good day (maybe the best day) to buy your Star Wars tchotchkes, it is also a good day to watch some nerd porn.

05012017 ddd3

The folks at Gizmodo know their nerds. They take us seriously. How seriously? How about a 16 hour build of a Lego Super Star Destroyer kit. That alone would be a commitment for the short, one minute time lapse video. Sixteen hours for just one minute….

But this isn’t a simple time lapse. First they speed things up, then they slow them way, way down.

The video starts with the traditional Star Wars title crawl:

“Episode XV, A NEW SMASH”

“In celebration of May the 4th, we spent 16 hours building an $800 Lego Super Star Destroyer set…so we could do this to it.”

The “this” they are talking about is destroying the model by dropping it nose first into the ground.

If there’s an upside, it’s that they took the time to film it at 1,000 frames per second (fps) and share the video.

I have to applaud their commitment to the destruction – I would have backed out after building it – and that the crash is very reminiscent of the Super Star Destroyer crashing into the second Death Star.

It is a publicity stunt, for sure, but one that’s well worth it. These are Legos, and Legos have “clutch powers” that allow them to be abused in this manner without being destroyed. I doubt the ego of the intern who was tasked with building this came through as well.

05012017 ddd1

The sheer beauty of it, though, is inspiring. And in the wake of the Lego Movie and the incredible success of the latest Lego Batman movie, I think there’s a solid case here for more stop-motion Lego Star Wars collaborations. The success of The Yoda Chronicles and The Freemaker series support my argument.


So how about it Disney? If Gizmodo can do this, think what The Mouse could do.