Watch What Happens When You Dive Into 1,000 Mouse Traps. Super Slow Motion [VIDEO]

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Is there no length to which those seeking fame and fortune won’t go for a few more fans? If this video is any indication, the answer is no. The Slow Mo Guys have once again mixed entertainment with a thinly veiled exploration of the scientific process. This episode answers a questions previously only asked in Tom and Jerry cartoons.

05102017 e2

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And that question is this: What happens when you jump into 1,000 set mousetraps?

To begin, they had to set the mousetraps. This isn’t easy, as the set traps have to be arranged on a trampoline. Like dominoes, the mousetraps have the potential to set up a chain reaction.

And they do. Even though the Slow Mo Guys have established zones on the trampoline to prevent the accidental chain reaction, one still gets loose. And these traps, especially when placed on a trampoline, are a bit jumpy.

In all, the set-up for this stunt took upwards of four hours. That’s commitment.

05102017 e4

And when Dan begins preparing to jump, the litany of cautionary warnings should begin.

Don’t try this at home. This should be obvious. Mousetraps contain spring-loaded steel bars. Though small, they can still hurt. Dan knows. This isn’t his first brush with mousetraps.

05102017 e5

Always wear you safety goggles. While there’s little chance that the trap would snap your eye, the trigger bar is a pointy piece of steel about two inches long.

And if these two warnings weren’t enough, I’d also warn against putting ladders on tables. And putting ladders on rickety tables is even worse. Just not a good idea.

05102017 e3

As Gavin and Dan have clearly demonstrated, this makes for entertaining viewing material. Views are money. With that in mind, these guys are willing to take some pain. Here are their earlier mousetrap antics:

And if you’d rather see something more gratuitous:

Here’s the trampoline video: