Watch This Epic Nerf-Style Minigun Mod Unleash Hell at a Rate of 20 Rounds per Second

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A YouTuber posting under the name Captain Xavier is a Nerf enthusiast who regularly hunts down the toys, adding his own improvements along the way. During one such modding venture, he took his Air Warriors Punisher and adjusted it, turning the Nerf gun into a fully functioning minigun that would certainly be a worthy foe on any Nerf-related battlefield.

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Captain Xavier’s Nerf minigun, which he says took “over a year of work and planning and tinkering and failing,” is impressive to behold, capable of firing 20 rounds per second and with a 2,000-round capacity.

He used a three-stage trigger as the firing mechanism, with the first feeding the spherical projectiles, which are housed in a backpack, into the minigun.

The second stage, a two-thirds trigger pull, initiates the flywheels, allowing the minigun to rotate. Once the trigger is fully depressed, the Nerf balls start flying, bombarding the target at a rapid pace.

Overall, the design of the Nerf gun is fairly light thanks to the absence of batteries in the minigun itself, according to a report by Popular Mechanics.

Most of the physical weight is contained in the backpack, including 1,600 of the total number of rounds.

The Nerf minigun is intended for competitive play, so it isn’t necessarily designed to be used by children, but adults who participate in Nerf-style combat events may be well-served by a minigun mod such as this.