Twitter Goes Crazy Over Trump’s Hair in New Photos

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A lot has been said about Donald Trump’s hair. It’s often a point of criticism for those who disagree with him or for those who like to mock him. Late show comedy has had a field day with Trump’s hair over the years. On Sunday, Twitter went into another frenzy over the president’s hair because it was so different from his normal look.

The president was in Virginia at the Trump National Golf Club. After his golfing trip, Trump attended an evangelical church in McLean. When he entered the church, Trump took off his golf hat and the photographers started snapping photos.

It didn’t take long for those pictures to reach social media. One person tweeted: “Wow he looks like a real person and not an orange cheeto with fly away hair.”

One user compared Trump to one of his arch nemesis — Joe Bidden. “Trump at Vienna VA church wearing Joe Biden’s hair.”

In typical fashion, one person commented on Trump’s excessive golf outings. “He went to pray for the victims of the Virginia shooting only AFTER his golf game. That’s his GOLF HAIR!”

With Trump’s slick back hair, many saw a familiarity between him and Gordon Gekko, the villain character in the 1987 film “Wall Street.”

Many were caught off guard about the change in the president’s hair. “Wtf? Is that Trump on the right? He’s not orange anymore? And what’s wrong with his hair?”

Even those who do not support Trump found the hair to be “little less bizarre.” One user wrote: “Let’s be clear…I truly believe that Trump is a prejudice conman and because of that he makes me feel both sad and sickened but with normal hair he at least looks little less bizarre.”

Trump was attending the Virginia-based church after the most recent mass shooting that left 12 people dead, according to the Daily Mail.