Trucker Gets Tattoo That Makes Him Look Like a Tiny Man Driving His Own Body

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A truck driver in the UK got a unique tattoo that makes it look as though a tiny man is steering his body. The tattoo features a chest, complete with nipples, a set of arms, and a steering wheel. The perspective makes it look as though the smaller figure is still in a cockpit that’s framed within the trucker’s torso.

As reported by the Daily Mail, pictures of Kenny Ollerenshaw’s inking have taken social media by storm. The image has been shared over a million times on Facebook alone.

Ollerenshaw, a father of one, lives in Silloth, and the unique tattoo was created at Immortal Art Studio, a shop in Cumbria.

In total, it took four hours to complete the black and gray piece. 36-year-old first showed the finished work to his son. Ollerenshaw said, “[My son] thought it was cool, but I wasn’t expecting it to go viral. It’s all gone a bit mad, and my son has told my mum that I’m famous.”

The tattoo even moves as Ollerenshaw flexes his chest. “I keep looking at it in the mirror and thinking it’s just crazy,” he said. “You should see what happens when I tense my pecs.”

Ollerenshaw went on to say, “My family are all on board with it. The way I look at it is if people don’t like it then they don’t have to wear it.”

The tiny man was Ollerenshaw’s first tattoo, and he admits it “hurt a bit” to get the unique piece of art. He said, “The first three hours were okay, but the last hour started to hurt.” He continued, “I think I was running out of adrenaline. You’re supposed to fuel up on sugar before you have one done, but all I’d eaten were a couple of burgers.”

Richard Batey, the tattoo artist behind the design, stated the piece is “the first of its kind in the world.”

Batey previously worked in the car industry, an experience he credits for his “good mechanical understanding.”

“When Kenny came in he was up for having this done as a chest piece,” said Batey. “The result is just the start. There’s a long way to go.” He asserted that the tattoo isn’t complete as it stands.

“It’s what I’d call an interactive tattoo,” said Batey. “And it’s more of a shocker than anything else.

“It’s got the ability to make an entire room of people smile and laugh and get them talking.”