‘I’m glad I kept my penis’: Transgender Woman Goes on 100 Tinder Dates With Men, Realizes She Likes Women.

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Jolene Dawson is a transgender woman. She has had plenty of ups and downs while trying to come to terms with her sexuality. Dawson has “come out” to her parents three separate times — once revealing she was a gay man, then a transgender woman, and now a lesbian. But it’s how she came to terms with her sexuality that has the internet buzzing.

“I’ve had some really amazing dates with a lot of older, wealthy men and I’m excited to start dating women now,” she explained in an exclusive interview with the Daily Mail.

The Australian woman who was originally born a man discovered that she liked women after going on over 100 dates with men on Tinder. “I realized I didn’t want to be a man, why would I want to be with one?”

Dawson decided to forgo the full reassignment surgery she had originally planned to undergo after she learned she still enjoying having sex with women. “I’m glad I’ve kept my penis now, that really helps. It all started four weeks ago when I started dating a couple and found myself enjoying the sex with the other woman more,” she said.

“I also had more feelings for the other woman and had to remove myself from the relationship so I can start exploring this new avenue.”

In the past, Dawson spent more than $70,000 on various cosmetic procedures. The 21-year-old says her ultimate plan is to resemble a Bratz doll with a slim jawline.

According to the publication, Dawson will be removing her Adam’s apple in her next procedure.

When asked if she had received any hate about her various transformations, Dawson explained “I’ve always been really confident,’ she said. ‘If somebody doesn’t like me, it’s more a missed opportunity for them.”

She hopes her story will help others come to terms with their sexuality. “I’ve officially changed my Tinder settings to [looking for] women. I think it’s important for people to know that these changes happen and to embrace them.”