Tourist Traps to Skip on Your Next Road Trip

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While traveling the country, most people hear the call of various tourist spots. The nation is full of noteworthy landmarks, many of which are worth going out of your way a bit to see, but the landscape is all riddled with tourist traps, which are only there to make money. But separating the must-sees from the disappointments isn’t always easy.

In some cases, an attraction is simply overrated while others are blatantly odd. At other times, the massive crowds take away a lot of the enjoyment, especially when considering what the attraction has to offer.

With that in mind, here are some tourist destinations that most people are better off skipping.

The Four Corners – Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, Utah

The Four Corners monument is supposed to mark the point where the above states come together but, according to Insider, it is allegedly 1,800 feet away from the actual original intersection of the states.

Additionally, there isn’t necessarily much to do there. You can wait your turn to stand on the marked spot and momentarily be in a separate state from the family members who’ve joined you, even while holding hands or peruse the vendors that have booths nearby, and that’s about it. Plus, you have to pay for the privilege of entering the monument.

Mall of America – Minnesota

The Mall of America is the largest indoor shopping center in the country, coming in at 4.2 million square feet, and features numerous attractions, including a theme park, an aquarium, and wedding chapel. But, it is often incredibly crowded, with some estimates showing that the total potential number of visitors can give it a population that would qualify it as the state’s third largest city, and, ultimately, is still just a mall.

The World’s Largest Ball of Twine – Kansas

In the end, this is just a massive ball of twine displayed in a hut. The site is characteristically described as being in the middle of nowhere, and the ball itself is even said to emit a not-so-pleasant odor.

While it is certainly an oddity, it is something most people can safely skip without feeling like they missed out on something amazing.

Gum Wall – Washington

Washington State is home to a giant wall of gum. This Seattle area attraction is exactly as advertised, though it is somewhat smaller after being cleaned up recently.

People continue to add new pieces of (chewed) gum to the wall, and there is a distinct odor in the air, but many visitors describe it and the surrounding area as dirty and assert that there are more interesting things to see if you find yourself in Seattle.