This State Trooper’s Viral Video Has a Driving Tip That Could Save Countless Lives

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Distracted drivers plague the world and result in the deaths of thousands every year. State Trooper John Perrine has had enough and decided to take it upon himself to deliver a public safety video and it’s hilarious.


Perrine, who works at the Indiana State Police department, starts his video by explaining that the auto industry has made incredible strides regarding technology in vehicles.

“What if I told you there is a feature on every car, that is standard, and will prevent crashes and road rage,” Perrine says as he walks towards the door of his police cruiser.


Once he reaches the door he explains to viewer that there is a novel idea everyone should be trying, a turn signal. Yes, the issue that causes the most accidents and the most frustration while driving could simply be avoided with the simple flick of the wrist.


Officer Perrine continues by showing everyone what a turn signal does. “The front of your car starts making a light flash,” he said. “On the back of your car, it also flashes a light showing drivers where you’re going.”


Perrine does give a disclaimer to those that are interesting in partaking in this foreign concept. “It may require you to put down your coffee or your cell phone, or whatever you have in your hands so that you can safely drive.”


Shortly before Perrine ends the public service announcement, he gets serious explaining to viewers that it is the right thing to do and is against the law to not use your signal. He concluded the video by simply stating, “please use your turn signal.”


Personally speaking, I think we should follow Perrine’s advice and try this novel device that somehow confounds so many around the world.

Could you image what the world would be like if everyone used turn signals every time? Boy, that’s the world I want to live in. Getting home in less time because there are fewer accidents, not to mention, fewer causalities from people not paying attention. And they say officers of the law don’t have a sense of humor.