This NFL Legend Threw a Surprise Retirement Party for the Teacher Who Told Him He Could Be a Football Player [VIDEO]

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NFL superstar JJ Watt is known for his contribution on and off the field. He has been awarded multiple MVPs throughout his professional career and has always been willing to support a good cause. But if it wasn’t for his fourth-grade teacher, he possibly wouldn’t have been any of those things.


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In a Facebook live video, Watt explains why his fourth-grade teacher was so important to him. He claims that she was the one that told him he could play for the Wisconsin Badgers, and he could make a career out of playing football.


So Watt decided to make a surprise appearance at a special event for his former teacher. After 41 years of teaching, Judy Keefe, had decided to retire.

In his video, he discusses the surprise. He says he also plans to bring Keefe and her husband to Huston for his foundation’s Charity Classic softball game as a gift.


He shows viewers the cake he had made for her that reads, “Schools Out Forever.” Then he heads out of the office he is in to go surprise his old teacher.

As Watt reaches his old teacher’s hallway, she is standing outside her room and asks him, “what are you doing out here?” She quickly then realizes who it is and asks him again, “No, what are you doing here?”


The two share a moment outside the classroom before they enter and the NFL superstar says hello to all of the kids in her class.

As any great teacher would, she uses this moment to teach her students. She explains when he was their age, he told her he wanted to be a Badger.


“Remember, when he was your age, he looked up at me with those baby blues,” Mrs. Keefe told her current students, “and he said, ‘I want to be a Badger.’ I said, ‘Boy, you’re gonna have to work hard.’ … Look where he is now. You can do whatever you want to do. Whatever you want to do, you can do it.”


Keefe told the media he is “a positive role model” and was “a great student.”