This Mom Turned her Sick Daughter’s Fingerprint into a Bracelet. Now She Started a Company to Help Everyone Do It

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Susanne Georgi faced a difficult time when her daughter, Molly, was born prematurely.  Looking for something to bring forward feelings of hope, she turned to a jewelry designer friend and requested to have Molly’s fingerprint turned into a piece of jewelry.  And that led to the start of a new jewelry line, Molly’s Print.


At times, Georgi wasn’t sure if Molly was going to “make it through to the other side” and she was looking for something that could help her hold on.  She was looking for something to reassure her and bring her hope when she requested the jewelry from her friend Cristina Ricci, who’s now the creative designer with the company.


After the piece had been created for Georgi, the two decided to see if others would be interested in creating their own fingerprint jewelry pieces.  The line quickly took off.


The process for having a piece created is simple.  First, a fingerprint is taken using traditional fingerprint ink.



Then, a picture of the fingerprint is sent to the company where it is examined before being used to create a one-of-a-kind piece.


Each fingerprint is handmade and 100 percent unique.


Georgi still sees the fingerprint jewelry pieces as signs of hope: “Every time I look at Molly’s and my other daughter Shelly’s fingerprint, it reminds me of every crisis you can actually overcome.”

Molly is alive and well today, being described by her mother as “a little fighter.”