This Massive Super Soaker is Powerful Enough to Shatter Windows [VIDEO]

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The Super Soaker, a hot rod of a squirt-gun made by Nerf, changed the way millions of American kids experienced summer. It was an advanced way to annoy siblings, and created squirt-gun arms races in countless suburban neighborhoods. But what if you want something that takes the Super Soaker to the next level?

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Mark Rober has the answer. He builds some epic devices, and talks about science for millions of YouTube fans. Last summer, Rober tackled the world’s biggest Nerf gun. Now, he has made the world’s largest Super Soaker.

The originals held compressed air in the green tank which also held the water. This one has more high-tech guts.

The seven foot long Super Soaker has a new spot in the Guinness World Records. This isn’t, though, a backyard toy–at least not one you’d use to shoot your friends or family. It could hurt them. Badly. The Super Soakers you can buy off the shelf put out 30 PSI. The big one is so much more than that.

By squirt-gun standards, 30 PSI is effective. A typical nozzle on a garden hose puts out 40 PSI. A fire truck hose will push 300 PSI. This new Super Soaker will push 2,400 PSI.

That’s enough to cut through watermelons. It will rip up eggs. It will break wineglasses off their stems.  It is even enough to cut into an aluminum can. So if you decide to make one at home, wear safety glasses.