This is How One Teen Babysitter Helped a Child Cope With Her Father’s Unexpected Death [VIDEO]

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Babysitting is a profession that is predominantly comprised of teenagers looking for spending money for the weekend. It’s a win-win. Parents get away from the kids for awhile; teenagers get some money in their pockets. But when a babysitter goes above and beyond, her job becomes about much more than taking care of a child for a few hours.


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15-year-old Keegan Carnahan takes her job very seriously. She has been babysitting for 3-year-old Alidy for a couple of months. Unfortunately, Alidy’s father recently died and Alidy has been coping with her father’s passing by wearing various costume every day. Alidy’s mother, Jenna Haslam, knew her daughter was having a “hard time” and she wasn’t sure how to help her.

As many little girls her age are, Alidy was fascinated with The Little Mermaid, so when the Florida teen that babysit her dyed her hair pink Alidy was in awe.


Carnahan decided to embrace Alidy’s fascination with The Little Mermaid so she brought her shiny mermaid tail over to show Alidy. Carnahan has had the mermaid tail since she was 12 and thought of herself as a mermaid.

She totally made Alidy’s day when she wore it one day for Alidy’s bath time. The image has since gone viral.


The teen told Inside Edition, “Ever since I dyed my hair pink Alidy has been saying that I was a mermaid and that I looked like a mermaid. Sure enough, she had decided to wear her little mermaid outfit when I was watching her.”


Haslam has now said that Alidy actually thinks that Carnahan is a mermaid. Alidy and her father were very close and when he passed she became increasingly reserved. So when Carnahan wore the mermaid outfit, it somehow seemed to flip a switch for the little girl who’s now reconnecting with the people around her.


Alidy has now found someone that she can relate to and she has finally “found her match.” “It made her day to see a costume just like hers. She was ecstatic.”


Sometimes doing something as little as dressing up for a child and playing along can make all of the difference.