This Guy Just Made a Working Star Wars Protosaber [VIDEO]

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Star Wars fans are rejoicing with the highly anticipated release of “The Rise of Skywalker.” While most fans are rushing to the nearest movie theatre this weekend, one Star Wars fan decided to spend this time in his garage. No, he wasn’t pirating the newest film, but, instead, he was busy building a real-life lightsaber.

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The YouTube channel “The Hacksmith” explained that they have been trying to come up with a way they could replicate a lightsaber. Typically, fans of the films will bring replicas of lightsabers to movie openings and fan conventions, but these guys are not ones to settle.

Since actual lightsabers are a thing of fiction, the guys at Hacksmith had to come up with a way to supply their device with power. After numerous engineering designs, they decided to attach a portable battery pack.

And when we say batteries we mean A LOT of batteries. Through the 17-minute video, they explained that they would have to be able to pull an exorbitant amount of power from these batteries.

Essentially, at one point in the video, they explained that they’d need a huge portion of the world’s energy to actually power such a device for an extended period of time. To put it into laymen’s terms, the power needed for an actual lightsaber would be the equivalent of harnessing a lightning bolt, according to The Hacksmith’s video.

Knowing this was not an option, they settled on building a protosaber, which is basically a hot piece of metal. After countless attempts, the team finally was able to get the power wattage to remain at a stable rate.

With the power issue handled, the team set their sights on building the actual saber handle. The saber is nothing more than a long titanium rod that is attached to numerous conduits to supply power.

The team spruced the handle up a bit so that it would actually resemble the handle of a lightsaber in the films, then they were ready to go ahead with testing. For the last three or so minutes of the video, the team at Hacksmith tested their newly-built protosaber.

The impressive act of engineering resulted in the closest thing anyone may ever see to an actual lightsaber from the iconic films.