This Guy Built the World’s Thinnest House Just to Block His Brother’s Ocean View [VIDEO]

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There have been plenty of instances of siblings being petty to one another. Children will always try to one-up each other or blame each other in an effort to avoid getting in trouble. Typically, siblings grow out of these antics and continue on with their lives, but not these two brothers.

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Back in the 1950s in Beirut, Lebanon, children would inherit the land of their father. Two brothers, who fought like cats and dogs over trivial matters, had to decide who got their father’s home with a phenomenal ocean view.

One of the sons was awarded the prestigious home with impressive property value. The other son, who was understandably steamed over not getting the home, built the world’s thinnest house to block his brother’s view of the ocean.

The house, which is measured at two feet at its narrowest and around 13 feet at its widest point, was given the name “The Grudge,” due in part to the sibling disagreement. The owner of the ocean view home could only see the back of his brother’s building, which tremendously hurt the property value of the home.

Without the option of selling the home, the homeowner was stuck looking at his brother’s structure. Each floor of the building had two rooms in it, with some locals referring to the building as “The Queen Mary” as it looks like an old ship.

According to Bored Panada, the structure had many roles throughout the years, most notably it was a brothel before it was transformed into a shelter for those fleeing war-torn countries.

Ironically, the building is still standing to this day even though it’s vacant. Since the property it sits on is too small to build another building that could act as a business, the local government has decided to keep it since it would cost more for it to be destroyed.

Who needs a nice view of the ocean anyways?