This Girl’s Savage Advice About Finding Nudes on Your Partner’s Phone is Taking the Web by Storm

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Rebaneilwe, a 19-year-old girl from South Africa, stumbled across a tweet that asked women what they would do “if you found another girl’s nudes on your man’s phone?” Having experienced that situation herself, Rebaneilwe had some pretty savage advice for all of the ladies out there.

Rebaneilwe responded to the tweet, saying, “Send them to myself. When he asks for my nudes, I’ll send hers again.”

The response from Rebaneilwe, posted under the username @_RebaS, quickly gained some attention from fellow Twitter users, some of whom alluded to the fact that they were taking notes in case they found themselves in such a predicament in the future.

While some considered the idea “flippin genius,” others thought Rebaneilwa was being “petty,” though that wasn’t always held in a negative context.

While speaking with BuzzFeed News, Rebaneilwe admitted, “Shady things have happened to me hence why I’m petty!”

Admittedly, some questions about the scenario itself arose, including one user who asked, “What will you be doing in his phone?” in reply to the original question.

Ultimately, Rebaneilwe isn’t necessarily advocating sending nude photos of someone to which the original sender hadn’t already sent them. Instead, she had this to say, “If your partner is unfaithful, leave – The trust is broken. Let go, as hard as it may be.”