This Fish and Game Warden’s Tale is the Best Thing You’ll Read All Month

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Terry Grosz, a fish and game warden, dedicated much of his life to stopping illegal fishing. While many of his tales from the job are certainly noteworthy, one, in particular, is actually pretty hilarious and clearly shows the lengths Grosz was willing to go to in an effort to accomplish his mission.

Grosz’s story – which made its way to Imgur and was discussed during an interview with This American Life – detailed a time he caught some illegal fisherman in the Eel River while he was working as a California game warden. What makes the story so entertaining isn’t necessarily that he was successful in citing the men, but how he went about it.

While donning a wet suit, Grosz waited in the Eel River to catch the fishermen. When they cast their lines, Grosz grabbed one and proceeded to reel himself in, catching the men off guard when he appeared before them.

“Anyway, finally I felt my feet hit the bottom, where I could walk,” said Grosz, according to the post. “So I kept tugging and pulling, and tugging and pulling [the fishing line]. And he’s groaning. And it was hard to keep from laughing because I knew this guy was going to be surprised.

“Anyway, I finally got right up on them. And like I said, it’s dark as the dickens. And then I turned on my little three-cell flashlight. And I said, ‘Good morning gentlemen. State fish and game warden, you’re under arrest.’”

“The guy that had me, he’s got the pole almost doubled, he’s pulling so hard,” Grosz continues. “And he goes, ‘oh, oh, oh.’

“These guys on either side of him, two of them were attorneys. They just stood there. They didn’t even move. And I think it was just out of shock. So I walked up on the bank and then I had them because I was within grabbing distance.”

“And when I got all through, I had them sign the citations,” he continued. “I put the cite book back in my plastic bag. Put that back inside the wetsuit. Said, ‘Do you have any more questions gentlemen?’ And they’re still in shock. So I gather up all their fishing rods because I seized it. It was illegal gear. And into the river I walked and quietly swam away.”