This Fake Chance the Rapper Twitter Account is so Good, Even the Real Chance the Rapper Loves It

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Chance the Rapper has taken the hip-hop scene by storm. As a musician who never sells his music, he led the charge to allow streamed music to be accepted by The Recording Academy for Grammy consideration. It’s safe to say, he is immensely popular and has a devout following on Twitter.

So when a fake Twitter account of the rapper was created in August, you would think Chance would take issue with it. Quite the contrary, actually. The parody page has been giving inspirational advice, and Chance loves it.

The parody page has grown to 66,000 followers, and Chance says he’s one of them. On Sept. 8, Chance wrote on his certified account that he approved of the fake account saying, “I hereby Formally endorse this fake page.”

The 24-year-old rapper says his music is meant to inspire. His most recent album,” Coloring Books” is littered with biblical references and endorses living a holy life. The parody page seems to echo similar sentiments with inspirational quotes and advice to those who ask for it.

The fake Twitter account’s bio reads, “Dustable’s distopian bohemia.” In a recent post on the page, the user created a poll for people to divulge their greatest fears. Typically, the internet is cruel to vulnerable people, but on this page users have conversations and are kind to one another.

Tweet on the page include: “canceling plans to read is ok. skipping a party for the gym is ok. staying home to cook is ok. lets encourage it & respect self improvement.”

Although the fake page does include poor grammar and could be improved a bit, the creator does seem to channel the same values as Chance.

Chance the Rapper has won three Grammys including Best New Artist, best hip-hop album and best rap performance.  It’s clear that the rapper has no issue with people spreading kind words and sentiments, even if they do it using his name.