These are the Drinks Your Bartender Will Judge You for Ordering

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Bartenders serve copious amounts of alcohol to hundreds of people a night. Like anything else, some drinks are all the rage for awhile while other drinks are rarely ordered at all anymore. Some people will even try to impress the bartender by ordering “complicated” drinks. But one bartender explained that they routinely judge bar patrons when they order certain drinks.

Bartender Emma Witman penned a piece on Business Insider where she explained the drinks she and other bartenders secretly judge you for ordering.

1. When you Ask for Your Martini to be Shaken, Not Stirred

The order that drives every bartender crazy is when someone asks for their martini to be shaken as if they believe themselves to be James Bond.

A large portion of men seems to think that ordering the drink stirred somehow makes them less of a man. After all, Bond was the epitome of a manly man, and his drink wasn’t stirred, was it? In reality, martinis are stirred because of the ingredients in the drink, as well as creating a nice presentation in the glass.

2. Be Aware of Where You’re Drinking

For those that tend to visit high-end bars, it’s a no brainer not to order drinks like a Long Island Iced Tea or an Irish Trash Can. Those drinks have a large portion of liquor in them and are intended for those who want to get drunk as cheaply as possible. That’s not the vibe owners want in the high-end venues.

In those places, order a cocktail that is unique to that bar. But if you’re ever at an Applebees, please feel free to order the Long Island.

3. Don’t Order a Fancy Drink at a Dive Bar

On the other end of the spectrum, don’t order fancy cocktails when you’re at a dive bar that has poor lighting, insects, and is a day or two away from shutting down. Bartenders at these locations are looking for fast cash by doing the least amount of work.

Ideally, you’d order a Blue Motorcycle or a Slippery Nipple in those establishments. That saves the bartender from attempting to make you a drink they’ve never heard of and that would very likely not come out not to your liking.

4. Know What You Want to Drink Before You Order

Whatever you do, do not just ask the bartender to “surprise you.” Being indecisive drives bartenders crazy as they normally have a full bar of people waiting behind you ready to order.

Plus, nobody likes someone who is indecisive when there is a drink menu right next to them. Just look at the menu and pick a drink. At the end of the day, whatever you order is all going to the same place anyway.

 5. You Chose Well-Known Brands Over a Brand Suggested by the Bartender Because You Don’t Think it Will be as Good.

People have the misconception that there drink can only be delicious using certain brand name alcohols as if a different brand would ruin the drink. But if the bartender suggests it, it’s probably a decent substitute. Bartenders have one job — to know the drinks they are selling and to offer alternatives that you’d still enjoy.

So when a bartender suggests another brand, try it. After all, they know what they’re doing. Worse case: You get the drink, and you don’t like it. Most bartenders will swap it out free of charge since it was their recommendation in the first place. At the end of the day, they’re still living off tips and want you to be happy.