These 8 Pictures Will Restore Your Faith in Humanity

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Sometimes, when the daily demands of life get overwhelming or an incident leads to a bad day, it’s hard to remember that there is good in the world. But seeing evidence of small acts of kindness can help brighten a person’s day, potentially even restoring their faith in humanity after going through a challenging experience.

One man, after seeing some baby ducks on a ledge that were jumping in order to follow their mother, stood below the ducklings and caught each one, ensuring a safe landing.

When someone spotted a cat sleeping in the rain, they gave up their umbrella, giving the feline a dry place to rest.

After losing their wallet during a concert and giving up the hunt, the person came home to discover that an anonymous person had brought it to their address.

While a wildfire was raging in Ventura County, California, one man spotted a rabbit dangerously close to the blaze. He pulled over and raced out to rescue the rabbit. While it took a bit of coaxing, he managed to catch it and carry it to safety.

A Starbucks barista began learning American Sign Language (ASL), ensuring that her deaf customer could “have the same experience as everyone else.”

When a member of the California Highway Patrol in San Francisco saw some geese walking along a bridge with traffic rushing by, they provided the birds with an escort, ensuring they completed their journey safely.

After a man spotted a prairie dog that was drowning in his pool, he performed chest compressions until the prairie dog started breathing again. Then, he gave it a place to rest and kept coaxing it along until it regained consciousness and got its bearings.

When a group of motorcycle riders noticed an elderly woman having trouble making her way across a busy street, they didn’t just keep driving. Instead, some circled around, and they worked together to block traffic, allowing her to safely make her way across the road.