The Surprising Evolution of The Dollar Bill [VIDEO]

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The American dollar bill is like the wise, old man of your family. It’s seen some stuff and has definitely had it’s fair share of changes. While the US dollar bill hasn’t had some of the major changes higher value bills have had, that doesn’t mean it hasn’t in the past.


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As you can see from the 1862 United States dollar bill, it had a lot going on! It was flashier and more clustered – kind of a sore on the eyes! It contained multiple verifications and stamps and was overall a very “busy” looking dollar bill.


The 1869 version of the US dollar bill takes on a much more familiar look, but still has its differences. In the left, we can see a depiction of Christopher Columbus discovering America and the classic George Washington portrait is in the center. This style is closer to the dollar bill we have today, but not quite there.


The 1875 version of the US dollar bill is a touched up version of the 1869 version. They added a few security measures and gave the bill a cleaner and smoother look. It still contains the George Washington portrait and the vignette of Christopher Columbus but the added seals, security checks, and refinement bettered this update of the dollar bill.


In 1923, we begin to see the US dollar bill we know and love. However, there is one key difference between this one dollar note and the one we have today and that is the fact that is labeled as a “One Silver Dollar”. The first dollars bill ever to be released we’re put out as silver certificates under the Series of 1928.

Here are a few honorable mentions of special one dollar notes —




Curious about more of the history of the US dollar bill? Watch the video below to see in-depth changes of our most favorite US bill – the $1 dollar bill.

h/t Sploid Gizmodo