The 7 Best Tech Gadgets Under $100

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As the holiday season is right around the corner, many of you may be searching for a gift for that tech savvy person in your life. But you’ve got a budget, and it’s tight. Well, this list should give you some ideas about what to get that special person in your life this Christmas without breaking the bank.

Bluetooth Speaker 

Speakers have had an impressive resurgence since Beats by Dre took the tech world by storm. Maybe the high-level Beats is out of your price range, but you still want to get a speaker that has similar qualities. Then check out the SoundCore Sport XL.

The Sport XL usually runs around $70 and can be found on Amazon. Reviews of the device have customers praising the speaker for amazing sound quality and fidelity for an astounding price of below $100.

The Sport is great for taking outdoors and so expensive that you have to be overly concerned if something, unfortunately, happens to it.

Amazon Echo

Pushing the $100 budget to the limit, the Amazon Echo offers a great-looking and affordable voice assistance technology.

The only detriment or shortcoming of the device is the lack of bass when playing music, but this seems to be a minor annoyance to those who purchased it.

The Echo can be purchased for $99 on Amazon and has been awarded the best smart assistance device for two years running by PC Mag.

Spare Laptop Charger

Laptop chargers are an essential, but I personally have run through quite a few in my days. So consider buying a spare for that special someone. Having a backup source is more beneficially than you may think.

It’s great for anyone who travels a lot or is always forgetting their charger. For the Apple consumer, Amazon has a great deal for Prime users as you can buy an Apple certified charger for a mere $66.

For those who do not have Prime, you can still stay under your $100 budget as it cost $79.

Vinyl Player

Vinyl is having its time back in the spotlight. This means of listening to music may not be for everyone especially as technology has made listening your favorite songs available with the click of a button.

But for those who enjoy putting on a record and sitting down with a drink and relaxing — we have you covered. You could easily spend over $1000 on a top-of-the-line vinyl player but why would you when you can get the Audio Technica’s AT-LP60 for $100?

As a personal consumer of the product, I can attest that the device gives plenty of bang for your buck. Any music connoisseur on a budget should invest in it.

Amazon Kindle

This electronic form of reading has made it possible to put hundreds of books onto a handheld device and bring it anywhere we desire. No longer must we carry heavy books just to get enjoyment out of them as we travel.

The Amazon Kindle is one of the highest rated ebooks that comes with enough memory to keep you busy reading for many days to come. The Kindle is priced at $80 on Amazon and comes with a guaranteed 30 days battery life. What’s not to love?

Parrot Mambo Drone

Drones are sure to be on a majority of people’s Christmas list this year with its heightened popularity. Entire Youtube channels have been created for drone lovers.

But drones can be extremely expensive and you may hesitate to buy an expensive drone for your 10-year-old son only to have him crash it 15 minutes after takeoff.

Well, then the Parrot Mambo Drone is the drone for you. For $100 you can enjoy the experience of flying a drone without the hassle and stress of crashing it. According to reviews on Amazon, this miniature drone is user-friendly and allows you to pilot the drone via an app on your smartphone.

Disclosure: If you don’t want to fly with the app, you will have to purchase the joy-stick controller that will run you an additional $40.

External Hard Drive

With the ever-adapting world in technology keeping your information backed up and secured is of the utmost importance to many. But you don’t want to spend an arm and a leg just to keep your information backed up.

If you’re looking to spend under $80 and have the benefit of having 2 TB of room to put your digital content on, then look no further.

Amazon is selling a WD Element Portable Hard Drive 2TB for $74. The device is so popular that it is commonly out of stock. If you’re lucky enough to find it in stock, don’t wait to buy it. Your documents and photos will thank you later.