Thanks to Color-Changing LED Technology, This Purse Can Match Any Outfit

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In an example of how technology and fashion can come together, a color changing bag was developed that can effectively match any outfit or display any color a person could desire. The purse was designed after an 8-year-old girl wondered why such a solution didn’t already exist, leading the designer to this smartphone-supported creation.

The bag, which is produced by VanDerWaals, changes colors thanks to the color emitting LEDs in the front and an accompanying smartphone app that controls the hue.

Wearers have the options of accessing their smartphone’s camera through the app and scanning any color, including those of the clothes they are currently wearing. The app receives the information and adjusts the color display accordingly.

Users can also choose any available shade by accessing the color wheel in the app.

There is even an option for matching the bag’s color to your mood. Simply pick a word from the list, and the LEDs will shift to an appropriate color based on the chosen emotion.

The bag can also be more than a simple color display, having lighting options designed to alert you when you have an incoming phone call or the ability to create a custom light show synced to music.

As an added convenience, the purse also functions as a backup smartphone charger, ensuring you can always remain connected while on the go.  Charging options are available for Android and iOS devices that support either microUSB or lightning connections.

All of the bags available through the company are offered in black leather including shoulder, crossbody satchel, and tote designs. Different cutouts patterns for the LED display can also be chosen from options like leopard, crocodile, tiger, and python.

h/t Insider