Teen Influencer has Plastic Surgeon Certify Her Butt is 100% Real Because of Haters [VIDEO]

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We’re in an age where plastic surgery is commonplace, so it isn’t uncommon for Instagram models/influencers to have implants or other augmentations done. However, Daisy Keech, a 19-year-old Instagram influencer who commonly posts “sexy” photos of her butt, is fighting back against the commenters who accuse her of having plastic surgery.

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Keech, who has over 875,000 followers on Instagram, was tired of being accused of having implants in her butt. Instead of brushing the criticism to the side, Keech decided to show her haters how real her backside is — by making an appointment with a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon.

According to the Daily Mail, Ashkan Ghavami is a plastic surgeon who has done work on numerous celebrities and has over 370,000 followers on his Instagram. Keech wanted Ghavami to inspect her butt to prove to her followers that she has not had any implants or injections done. The two live-streamed the appointment on their profiles.

“I have a natural young athletic female, who has a genetically blessed body,” Ghavami explains to the viewing audience. “A lot of people are hating on you saying your butt’s not real on IG. I am going to certify it as a buttocks that is real.”

As he felt around her buttocks, Ghavami added: “Her buttocks has a lot of firmness to it … good volume, I don’t see any skin changes that means she’s had anything artificial injected. I don’t see any little incisions that point to fat transfer.”

He concludes his assessment by stating: “She has 19-year-old tight, tight skin, and she does hip thrusts … She eats a really well-rounded diet. And she does mostly bulk muscle training.”

“So all of that, her youth, and all of this points to the fact that this is a real buttock. It’s certified Ghavami-real.”

Keech then posted the video to Instagram with the caption: “Making history w/ @drghavami Thank you to world renowned expert Dr. Ghavami for helping me show my followers that my booty is REAL and for being the first certified real booty!  #CertifiedRealBooty.”

Ah, what an age we live in where this is a pressing issue.