Take a Look Into This Prepper’s One-Of-A-Kind Doomsday Closet With Over $20,000 Worth Of Supplies

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Doomsday preppers are a different breed. They spend a fair amount of their lives preparing for an event that may or may not ever happen; but the old saying is true, better be safe than sorry. One prepper took his preparation to an extreme with his “end of the world closet.”


New York resident Jason Charles is ready for anything – especially another incident like 9/11. Charles saves lives every day; he is a firefighter in Manhatten. The 39-year-old started his one-of-a-kind preppers closet after reading the book “One Second After” by William Forstchen.


In short, the book outlines a man determined to keep his family alive in a post-apocalyptic North Carolina. “There was one part [in the book] when he says, ‘I should’ve gotten more. I should’ve gotten more food,’ and it got me thinking, I never want that to happen to my kids,” Charles, who has a wife and three kids, tells Business Insider.


Charles made sure he was never going to be found in the same predicament as the book. A short time later, he became president of the New York City Preppers Network to make sure if a terrorist attack, natural disaster, or an unforeseen catastrophe were to happen, they would be ready.

The firefighter has had seven years to amass his closet of supplies, holding more than $20,000 worth of supplies that he and his family can live off of.


In case of injury or sickness, Charles has an extensive amount of bandages and antibiotics. Food and water are taken care of also. The prepper has two five gallon canteens of water, with food that is preserved for up to two years.


If he and his family find themselves in a situation like 9/11 again, they have what is called “bug out bags” that have all their supplies already packed from blankets to tarps for shelter.


Charles has decided to forgo the firearm route in his prepping as he finds it to be too expensive to get a firearm permit in NYC. Instead, he bought 100 knives that he can use for hunting and self-defense.


The prepper even has all his books on what the best oils are to burn or how to create certain objects if they are out in the world and the internet is gone, sort of like a prepper’s bible.


The TV show Doomsday Preppers outlines the different reasons why they prep. If a tornado destroyed their home and they want to be prepared or they think the government will turn on the American people. Not Charles, he doesn’t worry about those things. “We’re ready for anything and all of it,” he said.

H/T  Business Insider