Special Effects Expert Creates Professional Car Commercial to Sell His 20 Year Old Suzuki

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A little less than one month ago, Eugene Romanovsky uploaded a video on YouTube to help sell his 1996 Suzuki Vitara, a vehicle he referred to as his “best friend.” Since Romanovsky works in the special effects industry, the ad wasn’t just your run of the mill, homemade commercial, and it ultimately went viral, reaching over 2.9 million views.


[Scroll down for video]

Romanovsky spends the video highlighting the various features and capabilities of his Vitara (sold as the Sidekick in the US) as it drives through a variety of precarious situations including driving alongside dinosaurs, through the depths of the ocean, and even into space.

Thanks to his special effects expertise, Romanovsky uses footage from a variety of well-known films and adds the Vitara into the scene with an admirable level of skill. He covers all of the information most people would like to know about a used car before they buy, such as the off-road tires, 96 horsepower 1.6-liter injection engine, and new exhaust converter.




While the ad definitely inflates the capabilities of the vehicle, the production value is impressive considering it is a used car ad created by an individual.

Social media commentary surrounding the #BuyMyVitara ad is resoundingly positive.


Whether or not the ad will help Romanovsky sell his Vitara has yet to be seen, but most who saw the video consider it worth viewing regardless of whether you are in the used car market.

h/t AutoBlog