Someone Discovered a Secret TSA Facebook Group, Shedding Light on How Employees See Travelers

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The Transportation Security Administration has to deal with a wide range of travelers on any given day. Most people feel TSA is a hassle and an unnecessary time waster, but we don’t really know how TSA employees feel about the everyday traveler, especially since they see so many different people daily.

News outlets somehow discovered that TSA employees had their own private Facebook group with over 18,000 users. The group, which was called “TSA Breakroom,” was filled with various matters about work relations, vulgar jokes and how they see travelers.

Just a warning, some of these posts are in poor taste and could be offensive to some.

Wow, so we’re starting out strong.

Well, they are not wrong. Let the kid walk.

The TSA wins every time. They are like the House in a casino.

It seems most of the TSA is on a power trip.

Good luck. This is in every job. The higher-ups get everything while the workers have to deal with whatever is left.

There is no doubt TSA employees are tired of dealing with people saying the same thing day in and day out.

Have you ever drove in morning traffic? We’re all amazed there are not more accidents.

You know it’s hard out here for a TSA employee.

Strong possibility most of the people in this secret Facebook group were fired.

This is accurate for most people who work jobs they hate.