Science Artist Creates Magic Angle Sculptures with the Cunning Use of Math [VIDEO]

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John Muntean, a science artist, has crafted sculptures that appear to be abstract shapes with a variety of hard lines and angles. However, they hold a secret. Muntean used math to create the sculptures and, when light shines through them, an image is revealed on the wall. To make it more impressive, the picture changes when you rotate the sculptures.

[Scroll down for video]

Muntean has a Ph.D. in solid-state carbon-13 nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy, a specialty within the field of chemistry. But he also considers himself an artist and uses his extensive knowledge of mathematics to create astounding sculptures that reveal their secrets when light passes through them, allowing the shadows to depict a range of images.

More surprising, as the sculptures are rotated, different recognizable images appear in the resulting shadow, allowing each creation to hold multiple meanings.

Muntean has been crafting these magic angle sculptures since 1986.

“The goal here is, not with just my work, but any point of view. Try to see what somebody else is seeing.”

The images produced range from butterflies and dragons to Christmas trees and angels to letters and numbers.

“Essentially all I’m doing is carving three different shapes into the three orthogonal faces of a cube,” said Muntean, according to a report by Insider.

Muntean’s sculptures are either crafted of wood or Legos, some of which can take months to build.