Scammers Have A New Way Of Tricking People, Here’s How To Recognize It.

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Scammers are always trying to find new and ingenious ways to steal money or account information. People like to believe that they are immune to any form of scamming, but the truth of the matter is we are all susceptible. We especially tend to trust someone without an accent as many scammers are from foreign countries. Pieter Gunst, a tech lawyer, explained how even he was almost scammed.

Gunst explained how he received a phone call from his “bank.” When he answered, he was asked if he had made a purchase in another state. When he said no, the scammers tried to secure his pin number in a clever manner.

The scammers really sold the act by even going as far as asking for his member number with his bank.

These clever scammers even mimicked the phone number of Gunst’s actual bank.

Gunst then explained how the scammer read out a list of his previous transactions to further solidify the ploy that he was speaking to his bank.

But Gunst was caught off guard when the person on the phone asked for his pin number, which is a dead give away to anyone who has ever spoken to their bank. They never ask for a pin number, for this exact reason — account security.

Knowing they were losing him, the scammer tried to argue that they could not protect his card and his account if he did not give them the pin number.

Gunst explained how the scammers were able to see his transaction history. You have to admit, its a very practical way of tricking someone into thinking you are their bank; it gives them credibility.

The dead give away is asking for a pin number over the phone. That just doesn’t happen.

Gunst concluded his post by explaining that he is taking further precautionary measures so this doesn’t happen again.