Russian Popeye Takes First MMA Fight. Gets Beat Down [VIDEO]

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A man aptly dubbed “The Russian Popeye” received the title after he injected Synthol into his biceps to give them a more “intimidating” look. He signed up for an MMA fight only to prove, once and for all, that just because you have large muscles doesn’t mean you can win any and all fights.

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Three minutes was all 23-year-old Kirill Tereshin could last in the ring of a mixed martial arts bout. He was thrown around like a ragdoll by his 43-year-old opponent Oleg Mongol. Mongol ended the fight with an elbow to the throat.

Tereshin was an aspiring bodybuilder, but there was only one problem — he didn’t want to wait for the results.

Tereshin decided he was going to inject Synthol into his biceps to give himself a larger than life personality going against the warning of various doctors he consulted with. According to the Daily Mail, doctors warned him he could have his arms amputated if he were to inject himself with the dangerous substance.

This isn’t the first time that Tereshin has been humiliated on a national stage. In May of this year, Tereshin competed against the Russian slapping champion Vasiliy “The Dumpling” Kamotskiy where he was annihilated.

His personal life has gone from bad to worse as well after he and his fiance Olesya Malibu, a 28-year-old model, split up. The main issue leading to their break up was not his noticeable arms, but the fact that she wanted him to get injections in his buttocks to make it bigger.

Russian doctor Evgeny Lilin says he see the young man facing amputations in the near future. “Not immediately but he very likely faces amputation in the future. One day abscesses will develop, then inflammation and he [will be at risk of] a stroke,” he said.

Who knows, perhaps getting the butt injections could have helped him win the MMA fight? Hindsight is 20/20, right?