Runner Busted for Cheating in Half Marathon by Eagle-Eyed Viewer

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Jane Seo, 24, a food blogger from New York, was busted cheating after coming in second at the Ft. Lauderdale A1A Half Marathon by race analyst Derek Murphy, someone with incredible attention to detail and possibly a little too much spare time on his hands.

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After completion of the half marathon, Murphy found a picture of Seo taken just after she had crossed the finish line and realized that the details shown on her watch did not match the total amount of miles contestants were required to complete. The picture showed the contestant posing with her second-place medal and smiling, maybe because she thought she had pulled off an impressive scam.

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Murphy zoomed in on the photo and noticed that the GPS on the runner’s watch showed that she had completed 11.65 miles in a total time of one hour and 22 minutes. Definitely an impressive effort, but still falling short of the race’s full distance of 13.1 miles. Not only that, but analysis of her pace showed she had been running at a faster pace for the final seven miles, a time when most runners are starting to slow down.

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Seo, a former writer for the Huffington Post, conceded that she had cheated. “I made HORRIBLE choice at the Ft. Lauderdale Half Marathon on Sunday, February 20. I wasn’t feeling well so I CUT THE COURSE and headed to the finish line,” Seo claimed on Instagram, but not an entirely believable admission considering she looked completely fine at the end of the race.

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To make matters worse, she even confessed to using a bike to make up for the miles she had missed. “Not only did I steal the award from the true, well-deserved runners/finishers, but also proceeded to BIKE the course afterward with my GPS watch to cover my wrong doings. What an idiot I was!” It might not have been so bad if Seo had not tried to get away with her little act of deception.

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Seo might have admitted her wrongdoing, but she only came forward after she got caught. According to Murphy she had defended her time to officials and even attended the award ceremony to collect her medal. Seo has since deleted her Instagram account, but you can read the apology here:

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h/t Daily Mail