“Run Fatboy, Run” Actor is Absolutely Shredded Now

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Actors and actresses often go through dramatic and swift weight changes for different roles. These actors are typically called “method actors,” those who aspire to completely emotionally identify with a part. Christian Bale and Jared Leto could be considered the most well-known method actors. That is until one actor added his name to the list with his impressive changes to himself.

Simon Pegg, who is a British-born actor, has been in countless box office smashes as he appeared in films such as “Shawn of the Dead,” “Mission Impossible” and “Run Fatboy Run.” Ironically enough, Pegg is coming up on his 50th birthday and looks to be in the best shape of his life, even if it is for an upcoming film.

According to, Pegg has been working with personal training Nick Lower for the past six months for his role in a film called “Inheritance,” which requires Pegg’s character to look “lean, very lean.”

A synopsis for Pegg’s upcoming film is described as life after a patriarch of a wealthy family dies and leaves behind an inheritance that could unravel and destroy their lives. Originally, Lower claimed that Pegg started at 171 pounds and is now down to almost 150 pounds. He also lost 4 percent body fat from the intense training.

Lower explained that these results were obtained through a mix of strength circuits. In fact, he said they focused on a lot of core training and a “sound nutrition plan that worked for him and his goals.”

According to, Pegg worked on his fitness for the recent “Mission Impossible” film by using Tom Cruise’s chef who made his meals for his special diet.

Pegg said: “It [the food] was engineered to be optimum for how physically fit we needed to be. ‘That combined with the workouts we used to do keep us in good shape. In fact, it’s probably the best shape I’ve ever been in. ”

It’s evident to everyone reading this that Pegg is in the best shape of his life. Props to him on bettering his life.