R2-D2 Sells for Nearly $3 Million at Hollywood Memorabilia Auction

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During a large three-day Hollywood memorabilia auction hosted by the Profiles in History auction house, an R2-D2 droid unit featured in multiple films from the “Star Wars” franchise fetched an impressive sum, selling for over $2.7 million. The 43-inch tall droid was used throughout the original trilogy and “Episode 1.”

As reported by ABC News, the sale price of the R2-D2 outpaced initial estimates. Profiles in History originally anticipated a selling price of $1 to $2 million, though the final bid ended up closer to the $3 million mark.

Other props from the “Star Wars” franchise were also featured in the Profiles in History Hollywood memorabilia auction. A lightsaber used by Mark Hamill while portraying the character of Luke Skywalker sold for $325,000.

Additional items from the sale included helmet and shoulder armor used by Darth Vader, which sold for $96,000, and one of the feet from the C-3PO droid costume.

Even a Death Start Turbolaser Turret featured in “Star Wars: Episode IV” was scheduled for the auction block as part of the three-day sale.

Other popular Hollywood films were also represented in the sale. The dance floor from “Saturday Night Fever” had a final bid of $1.2 million.