Pornstar Attacked by Shark While Shooting Underwater Scene [VIDEO]

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Being bitten by a shark isn’t one of the typical work-related injuries reported by stars of the adult film industry. That’s exactly what has happened to one actress. Molly Cavalli was in a shark cage off the coast of Florida when an accident allowed a shark access to her leg.

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Cavalli, who works in what Heat Street characterizes as “hardcore ‘girl on girl’ pornography,” was supposed to be demonstrating the capabilities of an underwater camera.

She jumped into the shark cage and was swimming with the sharks. A lemon shark, which was believed to be harmless, made her nervous. Looking at these images shows good reason for her nervous feelings. The bars are widely spaced and the potential for accidents seems obvious.

She tried to swim back up to the surface.

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“Our intention was to have Molly quickly dive into the shark cage with the camera and begin broadcasting as lemon sharks circled nearby,” Camsoda vice-president Darren Press said.

“From what we gathered, lemon sharks are predominantly docile and relatively harmless.

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“During the broadcast, a shark approached the cage which made Molly nervous. She swam up to the surface as the shark approached. Her foot rose above the protective net and was bitten.”

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Cavalli was immediately removed from the water and brought aboard the boat where she received treatment for the lacerations on her ankle. She later received 20 stitches to sew the would together.

“Thanks for your well wishes guys. I’m totally fine. It’s not as bad as it seems. I’m healing quickly. It was still an amazing experience,” Cavalli wrote on Instagram.

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Camsoda is a website that features adult models who interact with their online customers. The photo shoot was designed to highlight a new camera rig that will all live broadcasts, even underwater.

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Cavalli is expected to recover from her injuries. Camsoda is expected to recover from the incident, too, as this whole shark bite episode has provided the site with tremendous exposure.