Pigeons Are Popping Up in Las Vegas Wearing Cowboy Hats [VIDEO]

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A video posted on Facebook showed the moment a man stumbled across an odd scene — pigeons wearing cowboy hats while they wandered around a parking lot looking for food. The bizarre scene has people talking with many asking the same question: Who is putting these little hats on the birds?

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Bobby Lee, the original person who posted the now-viral video, wrote: “Just another day in the neighborhood.” The group of hat-wearing pigeons was filmed outside of Las Vegas stuttering around.

While most people question how these hats stay attached to the birds, Lofty Hopes, an animal rights group in the area, has become concerned that the hats could cause issues for the pigeons.

“At first, I was like, oh my God that’s cute! Then, I was like, wait a minute – how did they get those hats on there?” founder Mariah Hillman told KVVU. “Did they glue them? And what does that mean for them?” she wondered. “Is it something that’s going to impede their flight or attract predators?”

Hillman and her daughter canvassed the area the birds were last seen in hopes of getting the hats off the birds.

“We drove up and down here yesterday for a good two hours just handing out business cards to any location where I saw pigeons and people,” she said. “If you see these birds, just feed them until I get here. I’m only three miles away and I’ll come trap them.”

Hillman’s daughter has the same enthusiasm for pigeons as her mother as her pet pigeon wears a diaper and has a leash.

This isn’t the first time Hillman has come to the rescue of pigeons. Earlier this year, Hillman nursed two injured pigeons back to health before setting them back into the wild, Toofab reported.

When asked why she uses her time to help pigeons, Hillman explained that these birds “are basically seen as the homeless of the bird community.”