People Can’t Get Over How Sad This Picture of ‘Papaw’ Eating a Burger Alone Is…

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This heartbreaking image of a loving grandfather has created a flood of tears on the internet after his granddaughter revealed that her ‘Papaw’ cooked up a feast for all six of his grandchildren – but only one of them showed up.

Shared by Northeastern State University student Kelsey Harmon, the picture shows Papaw sitting at a table,  looking down at his burger – one of a dozen he made that night in anticipation of spending it with his family.


Kelsey revealed in a tweet that Papaw was left devastated when she was the only one of six grandchildren who made it to dinner.


The internet immediately adopted Papaw and wanted to make sure he knew how they feel.



But… the internet also takes things to extremes and caused the softball player to ask people to take it easy on her cousins:

She wrote: ‘Papaw is ok guys I promise & he loves all grandkids equally, plz stop sending my cousins death threats everything is ok !!!! [sic]’.



Kesley has been completely inundated with messages, leaving her to ask people to understand if it takes her a bit to reply.

She wrote: ‘Guys I’m sorry if I don’t tweet back I’m literally getting 20+ notifications every 30 seconds & can’t see half of them ily guys [sic]’.

But web denizens wanted to make sure she and Papaw know they are there for her. One user, tweeting under the name Noor Loves Zayn, wrote: ‘Now he has 45.9K new grandchildren who would love to have a burger with him im in tears this made me so sad imcrying’.

The end result was that Kelsey’s cousin Brock sent this out to the world:



Well done, internet. And well done, Kelsey for being the one who showed up to make Papaw’s day!