People Are Going Crazy Over a Shark Wrangler’s Picture — But it’s Not About the Shark

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Elliot Sudal is well known in the shark wrangling community. He frequents beaches where he catches sharks to tag them before putting them back into the ocean. Sudal regularly posts his impressive catches of the sharks on his social media accounts. But during a recent social media post, it wasn’t the shark everyone was commenting on.

“Who’s looking at the shark here?” one woman commented on an image of Sadul holding a 12-foot hammerhead shark. Another person commented, “I’m not sure what’s more impressive, the shark or that guy’s abs?!?” One woman fed off the previous comment by stating: “ABSolutely the best looking shark I’ve ever seen at the beach.”

Since posting the images to social media, they have gone viral with over 570 reactions and over 200 comments. Most of the comments are people drooling over Sudal’s physic.

Some commenters indicated that they have a newfound interest in the aquatic beasts Sudal works with. “And suddenly I’m interested in sharks,” one woman commented. “Wouldn’t mind catching the shark catcher. Only I wouldn’t throw it back.”

According to the Daily Mail, Sudal works at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and has been a shark wrangler for the past four years. He has reportedly captured over 500 sharks and has released at least 200 back into the wild within the last year.

It’s the biggest thing you could possibly catch off the beach,” Sudal told WINK News. “I mean, these things are strong. They are good fighters, you’ve got big reels, big hooks… it’s exciting.”

Ironically, Sudal met Vice President Mike Pence on Sanibel Island in April while performing his job. According to The Sun, Sudal was working on capturing a 13-foot small-tooth sawfish when Secret Service swarmed the beach. Pence and his family arrived soon after to relax. Pence joined Sudal and watched him capture the large creature that he had been fighting for hours.

Sudal has suddenly become famous from his shark wrangling, but he says that he is choosing to use is newfound stardom to raise awareness for sharks.