Why Don’t People Wear Armor During Zombie Outbreaks?

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It seems like a zombie movie is released every year with an intriguing new premise to rope viewers in. Previously, these flicks would alternate between the idea of slow and fast-moving zombies. But recently a zombie discussion on Tumblr led to an intriguing question: Why doesn’t anyone ever use medieval armor during a zombie apocalypse?

So someone by the user name “Kars-did-nothing-wrong” purposed the question. “Why don’t people in zombie apocalypse stories ever just wear a suit of armor? You think any zombies is gonna get their shitty rotting jaws through this?”

It didn’t take long for people to come to the discussion in droves, with all of them giving differing opinions on the matter.

It wasn’t long until one of his readers purposed a new ingenious way of dealing with the zombie hordes while in a suit of armor.

Could you imagine seeing a man in a suit of armor riding a bike down the road? When I see that during the zombie apocalypse, I’ll know I have finally seen it all.

It didn’t take long for people to express their own thoughts on the aforementioned thread.

The idea of going to a fire station during a zombie outbreak is actually pretty genius.

It times like this that the internet rules. Make sure you check online for survival tips during the next apocalypse.