Newest Fashion Trend – Racy Duct Tape Outfits

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A recent fashion trend leaves little to the imagination as women have been going to bars and clubs wearing outfits comprised of strategically cut and placed pieces of duct tape, with many of the patterns mimicking risqué underwear.



As reported by the Daily Mail, Joel Alvarez, a designer from Miami, spearheaded the trend through his Black Tape Project, an “artistic” venture that involves creating intricate designs using only tape to cover a woman’s intimate areas.

Alvarez chronicles the project, which he refers to as an “exclusive fashion experiment” through an Instagram account under the name “thekingoftape” which currently has more than 200,000 followers.


As the fashion trend gained popularity, Alvarez and his models have had the opportunity to tour venues in a variety of cities including Las Vegas and New York as well as numerous locations in the Caribbean and Europe during the four years since the project began.

Describing the concept on his Facebook page, Alvarez posted: “Embodying the character of Miami’s nightlife culture, The Black Tape Project incorporates one of the most common household items, coalesced with Joel’s artistic flare and the natural beauty of the human body.”


Women interested in the fashion statement have adjusted the trend based on the preferences. While some choose to wear jeans and use tape only on the upper body, others have decided to create looks using as few pieces of tape as possible.

The project has also expanded beyond simple black tape, adding flashier colors like gold to the mix as well.



As reported by The Sun, some people have become fans of the unique style while others simply wonder how the designs are applied, as well as what it is like to remove the tape after the event is over.