New Wrist Accessory Lets You Shoot Real Fireballs as You Punch [VIDEO]

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This is one of those articles I can’t let my 10-year-old read. A self-described hacker has built a pair of gauntlet flamethrowers that work on the punching motion. When you punch, a ball of flame shoots out above your wrist. A fighting style once relegated to cartoons is now dangerously real, and the visual is pretty stunning.

[Scroll Down for Video]

The devices were built by Allen Pan. He used butane dispensers, electric lighters, and motion sensors trigger the blasts when they detect a punch.

A detailed breakdown of the device, including a parts list, reads: “The punch activated part of this project is an Arduino Pro Mini and an accelerometer (in this case an LIS3DH Breakout from Adafruit).”

“A fist performing a punch has a fairly unique acceleration profile that looks like a significant positive acceleration (the beginning of the punch), followed by an extreme deceleration (the end of the punch) within a small window of time (<100ms). That means our Arduino can distinguish punches from normal everyday gesticulations pretty easily!”

As Gizmodo reports, “Pan says he was inspired by Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra for this build, but to us these gloves are the perfect way to recreate Ryu’s Street Fighter “hadouken!” fireballs in real life.”

Those familiar with the old cartoon Avatar will understand this immediately. It looks exactly like fire-bending, the self-defense tool of the Fire Nation. But there are no special abilities required to use these.

That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be careful. Flamethrowers on your wrists? What could possibly go wrong? Perhaps Pan could build a similar device that has a fire extinguisher built into it.