New ‘Ultra-Slippery Toilet Coating’ Makes Skid Marks in Toilets a Thing of the Past

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Researchers at Penn State University created a two-part product designed to make the crappiest place in your home the cleanest. This product aims to make skid marks in the toilet a thing of the past as well as reduce the amount of water needed per flush. It’s even supposed to make the room smell cleaner.

The university created an “ultra-slippery toilet coating” that would mitigate the amount of water we use while flushing and keep fecal matter from sticking to the toilet.

The premise is simple: Apply the first coating, which is an “extremely smooth and liquid-repellent foundation” to the toilet bowl before use. This repellent will tell the user when it is dry as it will look like tiny hairs, according to Tak-Sing Wong and Jing Wang, the co-creators of this idea.

“When it dries, the first spray grows molecules that look like little hairs, with a diameter of about 1,000,000 times thinner than a human’s,” Wang said. “Poop sticking to the toilet is not only unpleasant to users, but it also presents serious health concerns.”

Once applied, the second coating is to be added right after. Essentially, the second spray coats those tiny hairs and allows the fecal matter to slide instead of sticking.

This coating should last around 500 flushes before it would need to be added once again. “Our team has developed a robust bio-inspired, liquid, sludge- and bacteria-repellent coating that can essentially make a toilet self-cleaning,” Wong said.

“When we put that coating on a toilet in the lab and dump synthetic fecal matter on it, [the synthetic fecal matter] just completely slides down and nothing sticks to [the toilet],” Wang said.

In addition to having a cleaner toilet, the coating will also reduce the amount of water used per flush, which, astonishingly, is more than 141 billion liters of water daily, Unilad reported.

This coating will help reduce that usage by over 50 percent. The coating also will keep the toilet 90 percent cleaner. It’s a win-win!