Never Forget the Time Buzz Aldrin Kicked This Guys A for Saying the Moon Landing is Fake [VIDEO]

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Edwin Eugene Aldrin Jr. doesn’t suffer fools. Buzz Aldrin, the second man to walk on the moon, was in California in 2002 to do an interview with a Japanese children’s television show when a conspiracy theorist making a documentary accosted him. It didn’t end well for the aspiring film maker.

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When Bart Sibrel persisted in asking him to deny that the moon landing occurred, Buzz had to be restrained. Sibrel’s questions were intrusive, for sure, and he used his size to intimidate Aldrin. Or he tried to. It didn’t really work.

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After asking repeatedly for Aldrin to swear on the Bible that the moon landing happened, Aldrin took a swing at him. The moment is very satisfying.

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After the event, Californian authorities declined to prosecute Aldrin, who Sibrel had called “a liar and a coward”

Beverly Hills police investigated the altercation, which happened on September 9, 2002. The decision to drop the charges was made after witness testimony claimed Sibrel had “poked” Aldrin multiple times with the Bible he’d been asking Aldrin to swear on.

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There was more to the story. The Japanese television show didn’t exist. It was all an attempt to get Aldrin on camera for Sibrel’s documentary.

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Deputy District Attorney Elizabeth Ratinoff showed no sympathy to Sibrel, and scolded him for attempting to entrap Aldrin under “false pretenses.”

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The mission to the moon that Sibrel claims was just an elaborate hoax to gain ground in the Cold War era space-race is the 1969 flight of Apollo 11.

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Aldrin’s punch skyrocketed him to fame as a no-nonsense bada**.