Nature Has Transformed This Russian Dump Into a Magical Tourist Attraction

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As a society, we cause a lot of damage by actions that we would never think about in the moment. One of these common issues is pollution, which is an ongoing epidemic. However, on the Pacific coast of Russia there is a beautiful dump location called Ussuri Bay beach (or the kaleidoscope beach).


Once home to a dump of Soviet-era bottles and porcelain (vodka, beer, plates, etc.), nature has finally caught up to the mistakes of man and their propensity to chuck their debris where they please. With the amount of debris that were dumped at the Ussuri Bay beach, many people dared not to go across the beach as the shards posed too much of a threat. Fast-forward from the Soviet-era times and nature has come back to correct the errors of past generations.


The endless waves that crashed upon the broken glass and forgotten china for DECADES have turned once jagged hazards into smooth and almost gem-like objects. The site has become a tourist attraction for many residents and foreigners in the town and naval port of Vladivostok. If you visit the glass beach on a sunny day, the sunlight graces the colorful pieces that litter the beach and create an amazing visual effect for visitors. It is also a bonus that the beach is accompanied by spectacular cliffs that makes this spot a photographer’s dream shoot.

ussuri 3

Russian officials have rightfully protected the area to preserve the zone and it’s beautiful impact it has on the town of Vladivostok. The viral “Glass Beach” is garnering a lot of attraction worldwide and creating a lot of traffic for the little coastal town. This is a positive as we believe this beach serves as a good reminder to the world. Our actions are not forgotten and have a receiver at the end of each motion so remember to think before you act. Life is too short for it to mean nothing and actions you make will last forever. Everything comes full circle and in this instance, these once dangerously sharp hazards were transformed into glistening and colorful pebbles that hold the memories of the past.


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h/t DailyMail