Mother Shares Heartbreaking Photo of What Her Heroin Addicted Son Looked like 7 Months Ago

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Addiction is rampant in the United States with no end in sight. We have seen the number of overdoses skyrocket with some of the most influential people in society succumbing to addiction. People tend to blame addicts for their problem, but one mother showed what drugs did to her son in a 7 month period.

Jennifer Salfen-Tracy, who lives in Missouri, took to Facebook to detail how her son, Cody Bishop, has been consumed by heroin and meth. Salfen-Tracy’s lengthy post explained how her son is now homeless in Las Vegas.

Salfen-Tracy claims to have not seen her son in over two weeks. She stated she often doesn’t hear anything from him or about him for prolonged periods of time and that keeps her up at night.

Along with the post, Salfen-Tracey posted two photos 7 months apart. The “before” picture shows a kid who is just getting his life off the ground, while the “after” photo doesn’t even look anything like the first photo.

Cody’s skin has sores and bruises all over it. He looks sweaty, dirty and disinterested in anything other than his drug of choice. Salfen-Tracey acknowledged how people always like to sweep issues that could cast a family into a negative light under the rug, but according to Salfen-Tracey, this is a real issue and needs to be recognized as so.

The two photos serve as a reminder how fast your life can be changed and consumed with addiction. Cody isn’t the only one suffering from this problem. According to America Addiction Centers, over 19 million Americans from the ages of 12 and older face addiction in their lives.

Sadly, though, only about a tenth of those will seek help. Those who read her now-viral Facebook post commented to let her know she is not alone. One woman commented: “I had addiction so just to give hope. We can do it. I have 8 years clean now. Came close to death.”

Another use wrote: “It’s crazy how far down drugs can take you. Doesn’t look like the same person at all.”

Another recovering addict commented: “Prayers! I’m a recovering addict myself but have been clean for 3 years now. Don’t’ give upon him its never too late.”