Mother of Four Determined To Provide for Four Kids Builds House by Watching YouTube Videos

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The internet has becomes the greatest library in the history of the world. Almost everything can be accessed through a simple a simple Google search, as a mother of four in Arkansas knows well. She built a house with her four kids after watching videos online.


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YouTube videos. Lots of them. How-tos from amateurs and professionals, alike. The Brookins family built a house outside of Little Rock, AR and they did it all themselves.


This story began in 2008 when Cara Brookins needed an escape from an abusive relationship. She and her four kids started over, from scratch. They had enough money to buy supplies, but not enough funds to pay for construction. So Brookins took matters into her own hands.


“We had been just so emotionally kicked down,” said Brookins. “We could afford all the supplies so we just put it together ourselves.”


The only roadblock was Brookins’ lack of construction experience.

“With just a little bit at a time, we figured out how to lay a foundation block. There was a lot of asking people at Home Depot for help too.”

Hope Brookins was 17 when construction began.


“How are we going to build a house?” Asked Hope. “We have no idea what we’re doing.”

Building the house wasn’t as complicated as she’d originally assumed it would be. “I’ve learned that I can do anything,” Hope says.


And that’s the message the Brookins family is now sharing with the rest of the world. Cara has taken the Brookins’ construction experiment and turned it into a book. Rise, How a House Built a Family will be released January 24.


“It’s quite a big transformation for her to share our entire lives with the world,” said Hope.


Brooks wants her positive experience to be a message of hope for other women who feel trapped by their circumstances. “Do something big. Take a big leap and set an impossible goal. With enough determination you can do it.”