Mom Has Her Daughter Fake an Injury to Get Out of Work and the Internet is Not Having It.

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Odds are everyone reading this has told a lie at some point in their checkered pasts. And I’d bet many of us have lied to get out of work and school. This mother, though, has taken the fine art of fibbing to a new level by having her daughter fake an accident. It worked, but….

The story begins with a simple request. Fake an injury. The daughter on the other end of the text message stream doesn’t seem to have too much of a problem with the request. Perhaps she knew she might one day need her mother to vouch for her in a similar scenario.

Only the mother didn’t tell her daughter to keep her big mouth shut, and the daughter began sharing the incident on social media.

The internet isn’t a forgiving thing. And the post went viral.

There’s not word yet on how this story turns out. In typical internet fashion, it is the smoke that is getting the attention, and not the fire. Yet the potential for for job loss seems almost certain.

And as more of us cover the story, this woman’s chances of escape are looking worse.

Would she show the cut to her employer? Was that the plan?

Someone actually had a bad cut. I wonder if they knew they’d end up being a viral celebrity.